Factory direct supply three-phase AC motor 2.2/3/7.5/18.5kw motor three-phase asynchronous motor

The ZD.ZDY1 conical rotor three-phase asynchronous motor is a matching motor for the CD1 electric hoist. Among them, the ZD1 is used for hoisting and the ZDY1 is provided for walking. This series of motors are enclosed and fan-cooled, and the rotor is of a truncated cone shape and is Squirrel cage structure, the motor itself has a brake, which can brake reliably and quickly, and the motor has a higher starting torque, so it can also be used in places where the above requirements are required in the machine tool, textile, electronic and general machinery industries. Product name: crane & hoist motor Power:0.4/0.8/1.5/3.0/4.5/7.5/13KW  

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1. Capacitor junction box, simple, stable and convenient to use 2. High-quality hardness shaft, carefully selected materials, not easy to wear 3. The cooling air hood to ensure the stable operation of the motor 4. The metal collar on the top can be roped to facilitate the transportation and movement of the motor 5. Thickened base material, stable operation 6.All copper coils, excellent cold-rolled steel coils, large slots, good tensile strength 7.One-time forming rotor 8.Fine bearings, excellent noise reduction performance, long service life 9.Cold rolled steel sheet, ductility resistance, good pressure and wear resistance


Model Power(Kw) Shaft extension spline
ZDMI12-4 0.4 4D-15d9x12x4c11 25 22 15 Φ110 Φ75 Φ153 Φ7 Φ90 273 M5 116
ZDI21-4 24 61 71 Φ110 Φ220 Φ177 Φ215 Φ9 Φ194 63 74 324 M5 110
ZDYI21-4 28 24 20 Φ140 Φ100 Φ215 Φ9 Φ120 332
ZDYII21-4 6D-25d9x22x6c11 34 30 14 Φ220 Φ180 Φ215 Φ11 Φ200 332
ZDMI21-4 6D-20d9x16x4c11 28 24 20 Φ140 Φ100 Φ215 Φ9 Φ120 332 160
ZDI22-4 6D-20d9x16x4c1 24 61 71 Φ110 Φ235 Φ179 Φ228 Φ13.5 Φ205 63 74 362 M5 114
ZDYII22-4 34 30 14 Φ220 Φ180 Φ228 Φ11 Φ200 371
ZDMI22-4 34 30 14 Φ140 Φ100 Φ228 Φ11 Φ120 371 160
ZDMI23-4 2.2 6D-25d9x22x6c11 34 30 14 Φ140 Φ100 Φ228 Φ11 Φ120 371
ZDI31-4 30 81 107 Φ120 Φ290 Φ220 Φ286 Φ13.5 Φ260 63 74 425 M5 143
3 6D-28d9x23x6c11
ZDMI31-4 39 30 17 Φ220 Φ180 Φ286 Φ15 Φ200 425 181
ZDI32-4 4.5 6D-28d9x23x6c11 30 77 98 Φ120 Φ320 Φ223 Φ300 Φ13.5 Φ286 63 74 438 M5 150
ZDI41-4 7.5 10D-35d9x28x4c11 35 97 120 Φ160 Φ380 Φ260 Φ343 Φ17.5 Φ340 63 74 510 M5 170
ZDI51-4 13 10D-40d9x32x5c11 38 137 172 Φ200 Φ455 Φ300 Φ440 Φ17.5 Φ415 120 85 634 M6 210
ZDI52-4 18.5 10D-45d9x36x5c11 55 157 187 Φ200 Φ455 Φ300 Φ440 Φ17.5 Φ415 120 85 711 M6 245
Φ530 Φ450 Φ490
ZDX62-4 24 10D-52d9x42x6c11 55 173 198 Φ200 Φ550 Φ460 Φ520 Φ17.5 Φ500 80 118 740 M6 240
Factory direct supply three-phase AC motor 2.237.518.5kw motor three-phase asynchronous motor (2)Model: ZDS ZDS series motors have two speeds, fast and slow. In addition to matching with electric hoists, they are also suitable for machine tools and lifting and transportation machinery that require two speeds. This series of dual-motor unit is a compound motor with two conical rotor brake motors ZDM1 and ZD1, which are connected through an intermediate slow drive device to achieve two speeds. Power: 0.5T-16T, protection grade IP44 YZR, YZ series crane and metallurgical motors have the characteristics of large overload capacity and high mechanical strength, and are especially suitable for driving various types of crane and metallurgical machinery or

other similar equipment.

YZR series hoisting and metallurgical motors are wound rotor motors, and YZ series hoisting and metallurgical motors are cage motors. 2. The motor can operate normally under the following conditions. (1) The ambient temperature is less than 40℃ (for general environment) or 60℃ (for metallurgical environment); (2) The altitude is less than 1000m; (3) Frequent mechanical vibration and shock; (4) Frequent starting, braking (electrical or mechanical) and reverse rotation. 3. The fixed frequency of the motor is 50Hz, and the rated voltage is 380V. 4. Connection: Y-connection is used for stator windings with a power of 132KW and below, and the rest is "△" connection. For Y-connection motors, additional lead points can be added.

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