Metallurgical wire rope electric hoist for sale

Metallurgical wire rope electric hoist YH series electric hoist is metallurgy crane equipment mainly used for lifting molten metal. The working environment temperature is -10℃~60℃. Electric hoist has many protection functions such as double braking,double spacing,heat insulation plate and so on. It is a perfect light-duty metallurgy,Design and manufacture of metallurgy hoist meet the requirements of AQSIQ Doc#(2007)375. Capacity: 2-10t Lifting height: 9-20m

Products Details


1.Crane traveling limit switch 2.Weight overload protection device 3.Lifting height limit device 4.Voltage lower protection function 5.Phase sequence protection function 6.Emergency stop function 7.Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle. 8.Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound. 9.Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion


Item Data
Model YH
Capacity 0.25-20t
Motor power 0.1-20kw
Lifting height 3-30m
Lifting speed 0.35-8m/min
Travelling speed 20m/min
Wire rope structure 6*37+1WR
Working class ISOA3-A5/FEM2M-4M
Power source 3phase AC 380V 50HZ or as your demand
Other According to your specific usage, specific model and design will offer

Application of metallurgical electric hoist

Metallurgical wire rope hoist is used to lift and handle molten metal in metallurgy industries. And also it can be used special environment or area such as fire, explosive, corrosive medium environments, etc.

Components of metallurgical hoist

Metallurgical electric hoist is mainly consisted of lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, electrical controlling system, and braking system, with dual brake, and dual spacing, insulation boards and other protection devices, etc.

Features of Metallurgical Electric Hoist

Double spacing protection. Metallurgical electric hoist lifting mechanism is equipped with double limit protection, off the fire limit protection and off control limit protection. The former will take into effect when the hook is up to the safety limit and the latter will de-energize the total contacts to protect the hoist. Dual brake protection. Metallurgical electric hoist is operated in dangerous environment so double brakes are equipped to ensure the security of hoist and people. High temperature protection. Metallurgical electric hoist can effectively avoid direct heat radiation with the insulation protection to keep the wire rope or cable from the damage caused by high temperature. And also the core wire rope and cable is made of high temperature resistance steel core. Operation mode. Remote control and ground control are available to ensure the security of hoist operator and the hoist. Safety devices. Various safety devices are installed to ensure metallurgical electric hoist, such as, double limit protection, dual brake protection, and high temperature protection, short circuit protection, no-voltage protection, electrical interlock protection and others, etc.

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