QP model two purpose double girder overhead crane with grab and magnet

QP grab and magnet two-purpose bridge crane is a heavy bridge crane, which is used to load and unload metal goods and materials such as steel, iron and copper. It is widely used in metal manufacturing workshops. It is composed of double beam bridge crane, grab and magnet. According to different workshops and handling materials, it can be equipped with mechanical grab, electro-hydraulic grab and wireless remote control grab. The direction of the grab can be parallel or perpendicular to the crane. There are also two kinds of magnets, round and oval.

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Double Beam Grab,Bucket,Grapple and Magnet, Magnetic,Electromagnetic two purpose EOT Crane, Overhead Bridge Traveling Crane is widely used to transport, assemble, load and unload incompact goods in mine, port, factory, workshop, warehouses, and goods yard, etc. Grab,Bucket,Grapple open direction is divided into parallel and vertical with main beam.The winch trolley wiht Magnet,Magnetic,Electromagnetic Chuck and the grab can be double or four wire rope, mechanical or electric hydraulic type according to different work duty and materials.


QP Grapple and Magnet Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity 5/5 Ton 10/10 Ton 16/16 Ton
Span  M 10.5-31.5
Working Duty ISO A6 & FEM 3m
Lifting height M Grab 20 18 22
Magnet Chuck 16 22 22
Speed  m/min Lifting Grab 40.1 40 41.8
Magnet Chuck 15.6 10.4 13
Trolley travelling 37.2 43.8 44.6
Bridge travelling 93.7 76 75.3
Motor Lifting Grab YZR225M-8/22 YZR225S-10/37 YZR315M-10/75
Magnet Chuck YZR180L-6/15 YZR200L-6/22 YZR225M1-6/37
Trolley travelling YZR225M-8/22 YZR225M-8/22 YZR225M-8/22
Crane travelling YZR160M-6/7.5*2 YZR160L-6/11*2 YZR160L-6/11*2
Weight Ton Trolley 8.4 13.3 21.2
Total Weight 24.7~45.7 29.3~51.2 24.5~74.2
Power Source

220V,380V,400V,415,440V,50 or 60HZ,3 Phase


1.   Two lifting mechanism, one is for the grab, bucket, grapple; the other is for magnet, magnetic, electromagnetic plate. 2.  Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintain. 3.  Heavy duty, soft start, 3-5 speeds to operate, very stable to lift and running. 4.  Strong box type steel structure.

5. Full safety system as follows:

Weight overload protection; Emergency stop system; Over current protection, Short-circuit protection; Phase sequence protection; Zero position protection; Voltage loss protection; Limit switch and stopper for crane long traveling and cross traveling; Lifting overhigh and overlow limit switch Six direction movement.

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