Truss Girder Gantry Crane for Road & Bridge

Truss girder gantry crane for road & bridge is widely used for road and bridge engineering projects. It is known for its low cost. Product Name: Truss Girder Gantry Crane for Road & Bridge Capacity: 5~500 t Span: 18~35 m Lifting Height: 10~30 m

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Truss Girder Gantry Crane for Road & Bridge Erection is suitable for general loading and unloading and lifting and handling work in highways, bridges and other construction workshops. It is an important lifting equipment in bridge construction and has the advantages of light structure and strong wind resistance.It is a kind of gantry crane. Its main beam structure has box type, truss and hollow box type. The legs have three types: box type, truss and steel tube. It can be used by two lifting points or two sets. The auxiliary hook is electric hoist, and an I-beam running hoist is welded under the main beam. The secondary hook is an option.


Lifting Capacity T 40 60 80 100
Span m 18~35m
Speed Main Hook Lifting m/min 1 0.95 0.8 0.8
Travelling of Trolley 10 10 10 10.5
Travelling of Crane 14 15 15 15
Operational Model Cabin; Remote Control
Working Duty A5
Power Supply Three-phase A.C. 380V, 50Hz


The product structure includes the main beam(s), the upper end beam, the outrigger, the lower end beam, the walking trolley and the walking railing. The main beam adopts a triangular truss structure, and a track is arranged on the upper side for the lateral movement of the trolley along the direction of the main beam. The legs are in the form of box or steel. The hoist is arranged on the trolley, which is compact and light in weight. The traveling of the cart adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer, soft start motor, eight-wheel four-drive, and travels smoothly.

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