High quality overhead crane 1ton to 20 ton end carriages

Overhead crane end carriages with motor be composed by Wheels, motors, buffers, collector base, girder joint plate and bolts, etc.European-style end beam adopts rectangular control, CNC boring and milling integrated customized machine tool, a one-time completion of opening, boring, drilling. F series reducer, hollow shaft drive, high working level, wide speed adjustment range, widely popular.

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Product Application

1. END Carriage have compact dimensions, light weight, good stability, triple motor-driven, high mechanical efficiency, installation, use, easy maintenance, low cost, generally as the first choice of customers. 2. END Carriage use rectangular tube modular manufacturing, buffer motor drive, with forged wheels. Use one custom CNC boring and milling machine.Completing opening, boring, milling surface drilling in one time. 3. END Carriage with two main beam webs, rigid connection with the main beam. When calibration crane, placed on the main beam webs, after adjustment good crane span, the main beam can be completed securely connecting plate welding. Main beam can be calibrated separately with end carriage transport, installation, just the main beam webs and end beams are bolted to complete the installation. 4. Every END Carriage run institutions have two wheels mounted at both ends of end carriage. One of only Active Wheel, including gear, used in conjunction with a motor output gear. The other was driven wheels.


Model Crane Square tube Specification Wheel Specification Motor Motor
UL90-15 1.6t-7.5m 150*150*6 U90*60 FA27-0.25KW FA27-0.37KW
UL90-20 1.6t-11.5m
UL90-25 1.6t-16.5m
UL90-30 1.6t-22.5m
UL12515 3.2t-7.5m 150*200*8 U125*60 FA27-0.37KW FA27-0.55KW
UL125-20 3.2t-11.5m
UL125-25 3.2t-16.5m
UL125-30 3.2t-22.5m
UL125-35 3.2t-28.5m
UL160-15 6.3t-7.5m 150*250*8 U160*70 FA37-0.55KW FA37-0.75KW
UL160-20 6.3t-11.5m
UL160-25 6.3t-16.5m
UL160-30 6.3t-22.5m
UL160-35 6.3t-28.5m
UL160-20 12.5t-11.5m 200*260*8 U200*70 FA47-0.75KW FA47-1.1KW
UL200-25 12.5t-16.5m
UL200-30 12.5t-22.5m FA47-1.1KW
UL200-35 12.5t-28.5m
UL250-20 16/20t-11.5m 200*300*8 U250*80 FA57-1.1KW FA57-1.5KW
UL250-25 16/20t-16.5m
UL250-30 16/20t-22.5m FA57-1.5KW
UL250-35 16/20t-28.5m


Reasonable structure The European-style double-girder bridge crane has a reasonable structure, stable operation, can bear the weight of a large amount of materials, and has a high service life and stability. At the same time, its bridge frame and lifting mechanism are made of steel, which has high strength, rigidity and stability. It can meet the lifting needs of materials with different weights. stable job The European-style double-girder bridge crane has high working stability, which can realize the stable operation of the lifting mechanism and improve the efficiency of material handling. The electric hoist and wire rope used in it have high safety and stability, which ensures the safety of the crane running. long lasting European-style double-girder bridge crane has simple structure, convenient operation, and relatively easy maintenance. At the same time, its bridge frame and lifting mechanism are made of steel, which has high corrosion resistance and service life, and can meet the use requirements in different environments.

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