Nuclear Island Polar Crane

Nuclear island polar crane is used to erect and maintain the heavy equipment inside the reactor plant, and the handling work for reactor material changing. We have already supplied a lot of polar cranes for nuclear power station such as Qinshan nuclear power station, Shandong Haiyang nuclear power station, Tianwan nuclear power station and Shidaowan nuclear power station.

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During the construction of nuclear power plant, polar crane is used to erect the heavy equipment inside the reactor plant, such as steamer,reactor pressure vessel, manostate, reactor internals and other light load equipment. During nuclear power station operation, polar crane is used to reactor refueling and equipment maintenance inside the reactor plant.

Features of Nuclear island polar crane

1. The single-accident prevention principle is applied in design, optimize the seismic analysis, multiple safety protection, so the safety and reliability can be guaranteed. 2. Well-developed control system and redundancy design, the lifted load will not be out of control due to single failure. 3. We could meet technical requirements of Chinese standard, Russian standard and American standard4.

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