Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line for Wire rod, Steel rebar, Section bar, flat bars

● Rolling direction: Vertical series ● Capacity: 3~35tph ● Rolling speed: Above 5m/s ● Size of billet: 40*40-120*120 ● Dimensions of steel bars: 6-32mm

Products Details

Description of production line

Continuous casting and rolling Production Line including Induction Furnace, CCM Machine, Heating Furnace, Rough Mill, Continuous Rolling Mill, Flying Shear, Cooling Bed, Cut To Length Shear, Packing Table etc.

Features of Continuous rolling mill

* Save energy consumption by using continuous casting blanks heat energy. * Improve the metal forming and save the metal consumption. * Simplify production process , reduce plant area and transportation cost, save infrastructure investment and production costs. * Greatly shorten the production cycle * Improve the quality of the products * The raw material is steel scrap or billet (40-120mm). *The production capacity is suitable for 5~20t/h, and the diameter of the steel bar of the finishing product: 6.5-32mm

Technical specifications table

Annual capacity(T) Capacity(TPH) Working hour/year FurnaceCapacity(T) Continuous casting Continuous Rolling Area(m) Power(MW) Remarks
Model Section(mm) Rough intermediate Finishing
7000 3 2400 N/A R2.5 40x40 FF250x2 Ff220x2 FF220x2 40x10 0.6 8~32mm
10000 4 2400 1.5Tx3 R2.5 50x50 FF280x3 FF250x2 Ff220x2 80x15 4.5 8~32mm
12000 5 2400 2Tx3 R2.5 60x60 FF280x3 FF250x2 FF250x2 120x20 5 8~32mm
20000 8 2400 3Tx3 R2.5 70x70 FF350x3 FF280x2 FF250x2 120x20 8.5 8~32mm
40000 10 3600 3Tx4 R3.5 90x90 FF380x3 FF300x2 FF280x2 150x20 9.5 8~32mm
50000 15 3600 5Tx3 R5.5 120x120 FF450x3 FF350x2 FF280x2 180x20 10 8~32mm
100000 16 60000 5Tx4 R6x2 120x120 FF450x3 FF400x2 FF280x2 120x32 15 6.5~32mm
200000 35 6000 10Tx4 R6x2 150x150 FF550x3 FF450x2 FF280x2 180x32 26 6~32mm
Specifications for reference only , could be adjust according to customer’s site area and requirement.Working day per year according to 300 days.

Our Service

* Provide convenient combined overall solution including factory steel structure building, overhead cranes for steel mills, Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line and related equipment. * Provide turnkey project including design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning and testing service. * Provide factory building design, overall equipment layout, rolling mill process design, electrical circuit layout and other services. * Provide guaranteed after-sale service.

Working principle of continuous rolling mill

The continuous rolling mill is an advanced process which can reduces the working load and improve the steel rolling speed. Its main feature is that the rolled steel metal is in a numbers of rolling mills at the same time, and are are rolled in the same direction, and finally form to a certain sectional shape such as steel rebar, wire rod, channel steel, section bar, flat bars, steel plates and other products.


0.1 0 1 2 3.1 3.2 3.3 5. Rolling machine

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