New Design Factory Sale Electric Chain Hoist

New Design Factory Sale Electric Chain Hoist Capacity:  0.25~5t Lifting height:3~8m

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Chain electric hoist is a kind of small-sized lifting equipment. It consists of motor, drvie mechanism and the sprocket. All chain electric hosits are produced based on international standard. The average Lifting weight of chain electric hoists is between 0.1 to 100 tons with lifting height is from 3 to 120 meters. Its characteristics: the performance of advanced structure, small volume, light weight, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation, wide applicability. Chain electric hoist is mainly used in the workshop, warehouse, wind power, logistics, port, construction and other industries, used for lifting or loading and unloading of goods. It can also be convenient to lift heavy goods or repair big machines.


Capacity (t) Lifting Speed Motor Rating Lifting Height Fall Work Duty    FEM/ISO
(m/min) (kw) (m)
0.25 2.0/8.0 0.09/0.36 3~8 1/1 M5
0.32 2.0/8.0 0.18/0.75 1/1 M5
0.5 2.0/8.0 0.18/0.75 1/1 M5
0.63 2.5/10 0.45/1.90 1/1 M5
1 2.5/10 0.45/1.90 1/1 M5
1.5 1.25/5.0 0.75/3.0 1/1 M5
2 1.25/5.0 0.45/1.90 1/1 M5
2.5 1.25/5.0 1.2/4.8 1/1 M5
3 1.25/5.0 0.75/3.0 1/1 M5
5 1.25/5.0 1.2/4.8 1/1 M5


High security
--Mechanical overload limiter, elastic torque limiter, limit switches and friction clutch combined into a comprehensive security system to ensure the operator and product safety. High reliability   wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist --Design Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, can operate normally under high temperature , high load , and other harsh conditions . wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist High efficiency wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist --Maximum lifting weight can reach 5t, maximum lifting height up to 12m, which can be more widely used. Modular design wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist --Aluminum casing, through finite element analysis to optimize the design, form a standard modular series, small size, light weight, high strength, easy to assembly, sealing well. wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist Humanization design  wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist --Sprocket uses plug-in connectors for quick replacement of the entire sprocket without disassembling the motor or gear parts, thus greatly reducing downtime and easy for maintenance. Maintenance free  --First electric plug braking then rely on brake to make the brake more quickly and smoothly, and also greatly reduces brake wear. Due to the small wear, there’s no need to adjust the brake and improves the life and reliability; maintenance-free for 10 years.

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