Hydraulic RTG Crane Container Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane Straddle carrier

Product name: Container Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane Capacity: 36---50t Under Hoisting Device Working duty: A7 Lifing height: 6-30m Max lifting Velocity: 12-20m/min It can work independently, or two units work synchronously to lift longer items.

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Straddle carrier gantry crane also called industrial straddle carriers, it is mainly used to help clients to lift, move, load, unload, erect, transfer heavy material horizontally and vertically without rails restrictions, such as: precast concrete beams, long concrete beam, pipes, wall, handling plates, slab; Our straddle carriers are stable and reliable, with high performance. They are high-efficiency machines for straddle carrier terminal operations. They can be stacked in two ways: 3-stack 2 and 4-stack 3. Suitable for "shore to yard" container transport operations. The product is short, flexible and reliable, making it very attractive for operators of automated container terminals.


Crane Working Level A7
Rated Lifting Weight 36---50t Under Hoisting Device
Rail Torque 18m
Effective Hanging Arm 6.5m Both Sides
Lifting Height 6--30m
Max lifting Velocity Full load12m/min,NO Load20m/min
Gantry Traveling Velocity Full Load≥55m/min
Trolley Traveling Velocity Full Load≥60m/min
Trolley Slewing Velocity 1.01.5n/m
Trolley Slewing Angle -10°+190°
Max Wheel PressIn The Worst Working Condition ≤25t
Net Length Between Supporting Legs ≥7.6m
Anti-shaking Device Flexible Anti-shaking
Hoisting Device 20ft 40ft 45ft,50ft Fixed Lead Board Liquid-press Flexibility
Way To Power Supply 3-Phase 4Line Lead Power Supply:   380v/415v/440v   50Hz
Maintenance Hoist Rated Lifting Capacity 2t or 5t  Meet Maintenance Required

strong control

Electro-hydraulic steering system for very good control of the machine touching the driving surface and loading and unloading containers. The steering system precisely adjusts the wheels to ensure directional stability and reduce tire wear. comfortable driving experience The chassis is equipped with six or eight independently suspended wheels, each with its own maintenance-free (lubrication-free) suspension system. The design of the suspension system is based on a special alignment between the spring elements and bearings in order to effectively control the movement of the lever during driving and braking, thus ensuring excellent stability in all driving conditions.

Designed for lifting

The hoisting motor, drum and gear box of the hoisting system cooperate with each other to achieve a real balance in the hoisting operation. Our straddle carrier lifting systems are renowned and field-proven in our RTG and rail-mounted gantry cranes. Our straddle carrier lifting systems reliably lift safe working loads with spreaders up to 50 metric tons. The hanging beam is very sturdy. In the event of a collision, the forces are transmitted to specially designed bolts, which break in a controlled manner, reducing damage and downtime.

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